Bubbles created with Oxygen... the revitalizing main ingredient in Nora Bode Oxyjet treatments!

Nora Bode Products

OXYjet LEO Deluxe

The Ultimate Facial Treatment

The OxyJet LEO Deluxe

OxyJet Leo Cryo²

Portable machine with three functions:

The OxyJet Leo Cryo²

OxyJet Set

Modified for home use or on the road:
  • Oxygen needleless pressure injection

  • Includes Beauty-Tox product line

  • Oxygen aroma treatment

The OxyJet Set

OxyJet Skincare Line

  • INTact

  • Ceremone

  • Beauty-Tox

  • Advanced Formulas

The OxyJet Skincare Line
OxyJet Leo Deluxe | OxyJet Leo Cryo² | OxyJet Set | OxyJet Skincare