Bubbles created with Oxygen... the revitalizing main ingredient in Nora Bode Oxyjet treatments!

Nora Bode Treatments

The OXYJET LEO Deluxe has 7 functions:

The OxyJET LEO Deluxe; 7 functions in 1 machine. OXYjet - The World renowned Celebrity Facial treatment, which leads the way in Oxygen therapy with its pressurized Oxygen pressure to deliver BEAUTY-TOX: the True Alternative to cosmetic injections, and MAXI-LIP, for the perfect pout to name but a few facial and body correction beauty treatments.

OXYaroma - The ultimate breathing experience to calm and invigorate. Leaving the client with a fresh feeling of well being.

OXYspray - Gentle oxygen therapy to breath life into tired and dull skin, perfect for clients on the go.

OXYclear - Offering all the benefits of chemical peels and microdermabrasion without the mess or side effects. It purely refines the client's skin incorporating a truly relaxing therapy. This polyrotational head exfoliates skin deeply, whilst its soothing blue light calms and produces an anti bacterial layer of protection over the skin.This therapy is ideal for treating all skin types, such as dull tired skin, acne and scars.

OXYtone - After completing the wonderful OXYjet to stimulate collagen production and cellular renewal, the signs of ageing are reversed painlessly. The OXYtone will seal in the benefits for long term results and also instantly stimulates with an oscillating head, to offer a gentle yet powerful work out for the muscles. This gives an instant lifting effect for the face. It combines the latest in lymphatic drainage and blue light technology, transporting Toxins away, instantly and visibly reducing bags under the eyes.

OXY CRYO² - Cool oxygen lifting. A cool tingly fresh cocktail of coldness, oxygen and active ingredients is applied. Stimulating, cool pressure tightens the skin, reduces swellings and inflammations and together with synergistically acting oxygen cares for a fine pored, rosy tint with lifted contours.

OXY Diamond - Oxygen diamond peeling. Concentrated oxygen and diamond peel head in different corn sizes, remove cornifications and stimulate the skin. Cell division in the deeper layers of the epidermis is activated so that skin regains its youthful appearance time after time.

Sales and Marketing Director Camille Schmidt-Pernell explains: 'The OXYjet Star will revolutionise skin care as we know it, at the touch of a button therapists can individualize treatments, giving clients the results they require today in a busy world. This brand new concept will allow users a unique opportunity to purchase one machine instead of many but still offer clients the best in technology with the additional benefit of freeing up space in treatment rooms, maximising revenue from even the smallest space'.

Hollywood Celebrities Discover that for younger looking baby soft skin all you need are the Miracles of Oxygen Facials! Goodbye to facelifts and skin-peels! Used by Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette and Lisa Kudrow to keep them looking young and line-free. Caprice, famous model and singer, called her oxygen treatments "beyond incredible".

Television celebrity Lorraine Kelly and comedian Jenny Éclair noticed smoother, softer skin after their first treatments. Uma Thurman, Demi Moore and Sharon Stone rave about the treatments which push pure oxygen and vitamins deep into the skin.

Kristie Alley of "Cheers" proclaimed on the David Letterman Show that oxygen treatments had lifted and tightened her skin.

The Oxyjet Set, built for ease and portability.
Cutting Edge portable skin care.

Supply your skin with concentrated active ingredients, smooth out lines and give your skin a fresh look, whenever and wherever you like; this all can be achieved with the new OXYjet Set by NORA BODE.
Modified for exclusive use at home or on the move, you are now able to treat the problem areas of your skin systematically. You apply the BEAUTY-TOX treatment products included in the Set, and then push them gently into the deep layers of the skin using oxygen pressure.

Oxyjet set application area.
Treatment of the mouth and lip area:

BEAUTY-TOX instant lip volume
Wave goodbye to thin, pale lips!
Emphasises the lip contour.
Moisturises the delicate lip skin.
Beautifies the lips with the 3D-effect.

Oxyjet set application area.
Treatment of the eye area:

BEAUTY-TOX instant eye action
Anti-aging begins in the eye area!
Revitalises sensitive skin.
Fills up the moisture deposits.
Smoothes the delicate eye area.

Oxyjet set application area.
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