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Bubbles created with Oxygen... the revitalizing main ingredient in Nora Bode Oxyjet treatments!

The Oxyjet Principle

Special active ingredients are "shot" into the deep layers of the skin by high pressure oxygen.

two factors specify the penetration depth of the products:

- Small molecular size -

- Chemical compatiblity with the skin's own substances -

Oxygen is shot into the deep skin layers The Bode Oxygen puncture is based on the latest medical and cosmetic knowledge, specializing in intensive cosmetic care. Medical experience with no-needle injections show that vaccines, for example, can be shot into the skin by applying a very high degree of air pressure (like an airgun without pellets). Lately, this technique has been applied with insulin, too. The medicine enters the "shot channel" and travels down into the deeper layers of the skin below the "stratum basale". The substance is there absorbed by the blood vessels and distributed in the body.

In the field of cosmetics, the absorption of substances through blood vessels is not desired. This resulted in the development of a high-tech method that meets the high standards of modern intensive cosmetic care. The Bode oxygen puncture allows for precisely shooting special cosmetic products, with medicinal oxygen, into the problem areas of the skin. They travel through the natural interstices between the cells of the epidermis (biomatrix) down to the deeper layers of the skin and can there achieve the desired effect.

The oxygen injection makes a deposit of the active ingredients in the deep layers of the skin. In order to keep tihis in the skin as long as possible and to stablize and improve the results of the treatment, the consequent appliance of the NORA BODE preperations specifically designed for the OXYjet is essential.

History of the Oxyjet Technology

1986:  Lothar Bode opened his natural healing practice specializing in skin problems Hohenstein/Germany. His wife Jutta Bode is a chemist and pharmacist with the same interest in the treatment of skin problems in the medical and cosmetic sector. Many skin problems can only be treated with aggressive methods, which have side effects. The specialist couple did not want to accept any longer.

1989:  In this year they set up the research institute IN.TACT eV in Hohenstein under scientific guidance of Prof.R.Gorges. The objective was promoting research in the field of immune mediators in the skin. Several universities and colleges as well as firms with their expert knowledge and specialists took part in research projects. Under leadership of Lothar Bode, also a measuring system technician, there was developed a quick test to determine in the biomatrix between the individual skin cells. This was the origin of the OXYjet system, because it rapidly became clear that active substances could be inserted under pressure through the biomatrix.

1994:  In field the two directors Jutta and Lothar Bode set up the firm NORA BODE Kosmetik. Also in 1994 a prototype OXYjet was developed, with inserted special cosmetic formulations and pure oxygen, deep in the epidermis with the aid of pulsed oxygen pressure. The development of special active ingredients for the treatment and the treatment especially with dry eczematous, atrophic skin finally resulted in the system being used cosmetically.

1997-1999:  The naturopath Lothar Bode treated more than 500 patients with different problems very successfully. Lothar bode was granted for the procedure in 1998. Scientific studies carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute for biomedical Technology in Germany confirmed the effect of the OXYjet and at the same time resulted in definition of the pressure for the treatment. Gentle, effective and safe. Further in 1997, the first OXYjet model was launched on the German market.

2000:  Development of the Oxygenated microdermabrasion, OXYMega Station and compact Oxyjet basic.

2000:  Development of the Oxygenated microdermabrasion, OXYMega Station and compact Oxyjet basic.

2001/2002:  The export of the system worldwide, confirms the importance of the OXYjet technology in dermato/logy and cosmetics.

2003:  BEAUTY-TOX-The strong alternative to needle injections i.f. Botox is launched on the market.

2004:  The very successful BEAUTY-TOX treatment and homecare line is amplified by the strong solutions for problem areas.

The Oxyjet Principle | History of the Oxyjet